Recent monograph "Gunter Ullrich. Graphiker und Maler" is available in bookstores (ISBN-13: 978-3924436292)

Recent monograph "Gunter Ullrich. Graphiker und Maler"

This recent, insightful monograph on Gunter Ullrich provides a detailed insight into the life and work of the artist. In addition, the publication contains a comprehensive selected catalog with numerous color illustrations of the artist’s prints, paintings, watercolors, drawings, and collages.

The monograph contains contributions by Klaus Herzog (mayor of Aschaffenburg), Dr. Thomas Richter (director of the Museums of the City of Aschaffenburg), Susanne von Mach, Germar Zieroff, Thomas Ratzka, Gunter Ullrich, Andreas Ullrich, and Brigitte Schad. The publication was edited by Thomas Ratzka and Germar Zieroff.

The monograph is available from bookdealers under the title Gunter Ullrich. Graphiker und Maler, edited by Thomas Ratzka and Germar Zieroff, published by the Museums of the City of Aschaffenburg, Münsterschwarzach 2015, ISBN-13: 978-3924436292.

Accompanying text to the monograph „Gunter Ullrich. Graphiker und Maler“

“On the anniversary of his ninetieth birthday, the cultural city of Aschaffenburg dedicates this monograph, and thus a comprehensive overview of his complete work, to the eminent graphic artist and painter, dedicated educator, and cultural initiator Gunter Ullrich. Ullrich, born and raised in Würzburg, worked in Aschaffenburg from 1952. He is one of the outstanding figures in this rich cultural region on both sides of the Spessart and one of its most important contemporary witness in the twentieth century.

Ullrich’s oeuvre opens a prospect onto significant stages of recent historical development, from the destruction of the Second World War, through the time of reconstruction, and up to many aspects of the present. But Gunter Ullrich is much more than a critical “chronicler of his time”: he further developed printing techniques in the tradition of the great Japanese artists and as an outstanding educator trained the eye of several generations. Ullrich chose his Franconian homeland as the subject of his work at a time when its developed structures were threatened by urban sprawl and industrialization. Early on, he sharpened the consciousness of a new generation for the importance of the identity and beauty of intact nature.

This publication, written by experts and companions of Gunter Ullrich, introduces the depth of his work and also looks at his living environment with its social changes, creating a comprehensive portrait of the artist in his time.”

Selected Publications

Thomas Ratzka/Germar ZieroffGunter Ullrich. Graphiker und Malered. by the Museen der Stadt Aschaffenburg, Münsterschwarzach 2015
ISBN 978-3-924436-29-2
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Selected Exhibition Catalogues

Watercolors 2005Gunter Ullrich, Aquarelle aus sechs JahrzehntenMartin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg (1 June –31 July 2005), Würzburg 2005
Ullrich 2005
Gunter Ullrich, ein Leben für die KunstKunsthalle Jesuitenkirche, 3 April –16 May 2005, ed. by Christiane Ladleif (= Forum Aschaffenburg 28), Aschaffenburg 2005
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Ullrich 1995Gunter Ullrich, Malerei Graphik 1985-1995Galerie der Stadt Aschaffenburg, 11 March –2 April 1995, ed. by Brigitte Schad (= Forum Aschaffenburg 13), Aschaffenburg 1995
International catalog of contemporary artChiasso 1986/87
Color etchings80 Beispiele nordbayerischer Künstlered. by the Stadtgeschichtliche Museen, Nuremberg 1985
Cat. Würzburg 1985In stummer Klage, Zeugnisse der Zerstörung Würzburgs,
Sonderausstellung aus Anlass der 40. Wiederkehr des 16. März 1945 (10. März bis 5. Mai 1985),
Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg 1985
Gunter UllrichDer Main, Aquarelle und Druckgrafik in der Deutschen BundesbankFrankfurt/Main, 2 September – 28 October 1983, text: Hanswernfried Muth, Frankfurt/Main 1983
Gunter UllrichGrafik und Malerei aus zwei JahrzehntenMuseum der Stadt Aschaffenburg, ed. by Ingrid Jenderko-Sichelschmidt, Aschaffenburg 1983

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