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Gunter Ullrich – A life for the arts

Gunter Ullrich (1925 - 2018) was a German graphic artist and painter. His works of art have a significant documentary value for the city of Aschaffenburg and the region of Mainfranken. As a chronicler of his time, Ullrich captured the development phases of Aschaffenburg in his artworks for decades. He has dealt with the Second World War and the consequences and captured the socio-cultural events and changes of the post-war years up to nowadays. Gunter Ullrich was one of the outstanding personalities of the region of Mainfranken and one of its most important witnesses of the 20th and 21st century.



Gunter Ullrich Foundation Aschaffenburg

The Gunter Ullrich Foundation Aschaffenburg (GUSA) has the task of researching, preserving and disseminating the work of the artist and is managed by the city of Aschaffenburg. The dependent foundation was founded in 2014 by the Ullrich family and representatives of the city of Aschaffenburg and has since owned over 550 graphics (including woodcuts, linocuts and etchings). In addition to preserving and discussing science, GUSA also gives future generations an insight into the life's work of Gunter Ullrich, thereby honoring the artistic work of a fascinating personality.

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Recent monograph "Gunter Ullrich. Graphiker und Maler" (2015)​

Take a look at the most recent and insightful monograph on Gunter Ullrich. It provides a detailed insight into the life and work of the artist. In addition, the publication contains a comprehensive catalog with numerous colour illustrations of his prints, paintings, watercolours, drawings and collages.

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