Gunter Ullrich – brief biography at a glance

Gunter Ullrich in his artist studio, 1966
Gunter Ullrich working in the castle courtyard Aschaffenburg, 1955
Gunter Ullrich in his artistic studio, 1999
Gunter Ullrich, 1987
1925Born on April 7, 1925 in Würzburg
1942High school graduation in Würzburg at the German junior high school
1940erDrawing lessons in Würzburg with Adalbert Reichel and Heiner Dikreiter
1942Study of art history in Würzburg, for example at Kurt Gerstenberg
Military service in Erlangen and Nuremberg
1943Injury in combat with the armored forces in Russia and Lithuania
1945Witness of the destroyed Würzburg shortly after the air raid on 16 March 1945
1945/46Prisoner of war at Marseille and in Alsace
1946-48Occupation in a joinery and teacher at the Progymnasium in Hammelburg
1948-1952Studies of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (drawing and painting with Prof. Marxmüller and sculpture with Prof. Georgii)
1952Marriage with the sculptor Ursula Jacobi (daughter of the composer Wolfgang Jacobi)
1952-1984Appointment as art teacher to the secondary school Aschaffenburg (Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium)
Here he meets the painter colleague Anton Bruder
1955Birth of the common son Andreas Ullrich
1950erArtistic study trips to Italy, Spain and France
1954/55Joint work with wife Ursula Ullrich-Jacobi at the war memorial in Rothenbuch
1957/58Design of the Aschaffenburg town hall portal and some door handles together with wife Ursula Ullrich-Jacobi
1957Art Prize of the City of Aschaffenburg
1962-67Foundation of the artist group "Kontakt" in Aschaffenburg with Anton Bruder, Karl F. Borneff, Willi Götz, Curd Lessing, Helmut Weber and Ursula Ullrich-Jacobi
1969Italian award "Premio Internazionale Di Pittura", Garda/Italien
1967-2002Chairman of the cultural nonprofit society «Frankenbund»
1970erFoundation of the Aschaffenburg Group of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Lower Franconia (BBK)
1976Opening of the Kunsthalle Jesuitenkirche as an exhibition space after Gunter Ullrich's efforts
1992Prize of the Bavarian People's Foundation
1998Cultural Award of the City of Aschaffenburg
2001Cultural Award of the cultural nonprofit society «Frankenbund»
2002Medal of Merit of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
2008Construction of the large metal sculpture "AVG Monument" on a traffic island in Aschaffenburg
2015Culture Prize of the District of Lower Franconia
2018Died on November 10, 2018 in Aschaffenburg / Leider

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